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Goojarr Goonyool Whale & Marine Research

CATEGORY: Accommodation, 
REGION : Kimberley
LOCATION : Pender Bay, Dampier Peninsula 6725
OWNERSHIP: Aboriginal owned & operated
CONTACT : Mr Andrew Bowles - Manager
PHONE : +61 429 845 707
EMAIL : penderbay@bigpond.com

Key Experiences

  • Visit or stay with an Aboriginal community

From July to November each year, thousands of humpback whales pass through the bay on their annual migration journey from Antarctica, following the West Australian coast towards the warmer southern waters.

The Goojarr Goonyool Aboriginal Corporation has been monitoring whale activity, studying their numbers, distribution and behaviour here for many years now. The numbers increase steadily from July through to August with the arrival of heavily pregnant mothers and the research team has even been fortunate to have witnessed births! In 2009 the Corporation joined forces with the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) and together they have undertaken an independent survey that confirms Pender Bay as an internationally significant birthing, mating and resting ground for humpback whales.

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